Self Destruction

Read Job 18:1-21

For he (the wicked) is cast into a net by his own feet, and he walks into a snare – Job 18:8

Job’s friends may have had good intention on the first place when they sat in silence with Job and after seven days had counseled him. But when Job responded and told them his arguments against their case, they become hostile and accused Job of being a sinner and wicked, they were angry at job and had cited various reason why they believe Job deserved his sufferings. Though slightly biased there are still some truths behind their words and some are not..

One of the arguments they have had given that is true is the one where they told Job that wicked people, those who sinned and angered God, are deem for self destruction. That sooner or later their lives will be gone, their passion will no longer burn, their source of income will goes out, their own schemes will be their downfall and their own ways will trap them to destruction (v.5-10).

No one can escape the judgment of God, everyone will be accountable to Him when all are judged according to his works when he was alive (Revelation 20:12-15). The wicked may have freely roamed and rule their world during their lifetime but the eventual truth will set them in order. If they remain in their ways they are truly set for self-destruction.

Like Job’s friends, we can really comfort and accompany our friend who is suffering from pain, hardships and trials. But let us be careful to remain true and right to what the scriptures, the bible says about the sinners, and the redemption, the freedom, from its bondage. By trusting, believing and having faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, they can be free and have an eternal life (John 3:16), though not from the consequences from their sin. Let us encourage the sinners, let us inform the wicked of their doomed destruction, we can help them, we can guide them, but let us not be judgmental on them. It is not our place, it is God’s.

Lord! Help us to be a better counselor to our friends who are suffering today. Let us guide them to the truths from Your word. Amen.

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