Read: Psalms 129

“The Lord is righteous; He has cut in pieces the chords of the wicked” –Psalms 129:4

We will face persecution. Paul warned us that as Christians we are bound to suffer for Christ. We will be tried, tested and persecuted, but we must not give up or give in, for the Lord will deliver us and free us from whatever bondage we may be in and justice will be served.

It is very easy to succumb to pressure, to lose track of our vision and to be disheartened when we face tremendous trials that may seem too much for us to bear. But we can take comfort how God delivered His people after years of oppressions. He heard their cries. God in His own time, in His own will, will deliver us from all this hardships and will give us joy, comfort and peace, just as He had promised.

Sometimes we may see our case as hopeless. For years we seem not to be going anywhere, trapped in the wheels of life, running like a rat in a cage. Just as the author of this Psalms, from their earliest youth their enemies have persecuted them but they never really defeated them. Their backs are covered with cuts as if farmers had plowed thru, but they were still able to see that the Lord is good, for He has cut them free from the ropes of the ungodly.

If we trust God, we can never be broken by the tapestry of life. But these trials, challenges and hardship, if overcome and triumphed, it can even bring out the best within us. Through Christ we can make it, He will strengthen us to go on.            

Let us trust God, for He is good, he is righteous, He will deliver us from this sinful world and bring us to a heaven where tears have no place, where sorrows are unknown and where darkness will be nowhere to be seen. By faith we will be unbroken. 

Lord! Thank you for your righteousness, let me worship you today with thanksgiving, with gratitude in our hearts for you have always been faithful and just. Amen. 

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