The Wicked’s Demise

Read: Job 20:1-29

“In the fulness of his sufficiency he shall be in straits: every hand of the wicked shall come upon him” –Job20:22

Nothing comes out good from wickedness. This much is true, that the success of the wicked is short lived, that their triumphed will never be sweet, and that their lives will be filled with unrest and misery. They may have everything any person would want but they would always desire for more never satisfying their wants. This will be their demise..

History shows that the influence of the wicked does not last beyond their reign. Despite the pinnacle of their success, nothing will mount up from it but failure. They will soon be easily forgotten and pass like dream and never be found. No matter how much they reach the peak of success, they will soon find out that they cannot bring it beyond the grave (v.4-11).

It may have been sweet at the moment but the success of the wicked will eventually be sour and bitter to their taste. It will come around and haunt them back. They will never fully enjoyed the fruits of their labor, their children will never benefit from it. Like a sweet food taken in from a sour stomach, they will vomit whatever they have enjoyed.

Finally their entire lives will be filled with unrest and misery. Always on the lookout if ever someone from those he oppressed are coming to get revenge, or someone may creep in his house and stole his possessions, or worst someone may come for his life. The lives of the wicked will never experience true peace and comfort, they will feel terror and darkness throughout their lives.

Zophar may have been wrong about Job but he was good in pointing out the eventual demise of a wicked and backing it up with evidence and examples to prove his point. We can take some notes and be reminded that nothing will come out good from the wicked, they may initially felt good, sweet and enjoyment but success and abundance that comes from wicked manner will never truly last and most importantly wicked or not,            

Everything that we have worked so hard in this earth can never be brought with us beyond the grave.

Let us not filled our lives with things that have no eternal value nor let us not work hard on those that we cannot enjoy beyond the grave, but rather let us work for the Kingdom of God. The only thing that has true eternal value.

Lord! I pray that you always remind me to work hard on those that matter for you and for me eternally. Let me not waste anymore of my time chasing earthly gains like the wicked do. Amen. 

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