Empty Words of Comfort

Read: Job 21:1-34

Shall any teach God knowledge? seeing he judgeth those that are high.” –Job21:22

It is easy to judge generalities. We are quick to assume that everyone who suffers is a sinner and are wicked in his ways. Though his friends were able to site some truth on those who are wicked but they failed to see the whole truth. Not everyone who suffers is a sinner, and not every sinners or wicked people suffer the way we would think they would. Job was able to provide some examples how their assumptions turn to be an empty words of comfort.

It is very hard to understand why some wicked people are left unpunished from their deeds. Our society may generally know someone who are wicked and sinful on their ways and yet we see some of them live a longer lives and get to see their children grows up; some get to enjoy the fruits of their labor and even their children benefit from their prosperity; and while all of us dies, the wicked and the sinful who gets to enjoy a prosperous life, when they die, they even received respects from those they have left behind. Why would God allow such imbalance?

We can never know the way God thinks for His ways are not our ways, and His thoughts are not our thoughts. Not everyone who suffers is a sinner but every believers and the faithful need to understand that all of us will face suffering at one point in our lives. Suffering has many reasons why it happens to us. One of course is that it is a result of our sins, other is that we are being tested and another is a result of our unguided decision.

Whatever the reason may it be, the best thing we can do when someone is facing trials, hardships and suffering is to point them to God and to Jesus, not for immediate repentance as we would like to assume but for comfort, knowing for a fact that He is faithful and that He is in control. We can rather help them by praying for them and asking God to reveal the reason and the purpose for such suffering. Just like Joseph, he was never at fault but he suffered tremendous hardship and trials and yet he remained faithful and trusted God with his life.            

What could be the reason we are suffering right now? Are we being punished? Are we being tested? Or is this the consequence of our sin? Whatever it may be, let us trust God and remain faithful. It is not in our place to judge but God’s.

Lord! Help me to pray and provide real comfort to those who are suffering right now, help me to point them to you as source of comfort and strength to go on, help me not to judge them as it is not my place to do so. Amen.

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