Read: Job 22:1-30

Receive, I pray thee, the law from his mouth, and lay up his words in thine heart.” –Job 22:22

Prosperity Gospel is being popularize these days by a lot of organization. It sells false hope and deceiving beliefs. It is easy to be swayed by these empty promises especially if we are seeing ‘evidences’ from their claims. Their popular notion is that when we submit to God or have genuine relationship with Jesus our lives will be blessed and things will go well for us. This is not true.

Eliphaz continued his tirade with Job. Telling him that it is because of Job’s wickedness that God judged him and allowed these tragedies happened to him. He even went as far as proposing various sins Job may have committed (v.6-9) that’s why he is now trapped in its intricacies and can’t see beyond his sin’s darkness (v.10-12). Eliphaz even accuses Job that he may also be thinking that God is too high in the heaven that there is nothing God can do for Job (v.12-14), So he challenged Job if he will continue in his stand? Will he still believe that he is innocent, if based on Eliphaz’s evidences, that by his standards, Job had sinned and had been wicked that’s why he is suffering from God’s judgment.

But the worst part on Eliphaz tirade is his proposition. He suggested to Job to submit to God and he will have peace then things will go well for him (v.21) Though there are some truths on some of his insights about the blessings of listening to God’s Word and committing our lives to Him (v.22-28). He added yet another misconception on God’s justice and told Job that if he is truly is pure, people will be save and even sinners will be rescued just as long as he prays for them.

If we are not careful with our relationship with God and do not read His Words and meditate on it, it will be easy to be deceived. While it is true that there are blessings and a promise in reading, meditating and living out His Words, but it doesn’t guarantee a life without suffering and challenges. As long as we are living in this sinful world we are all bound to experience hardships, challenges and sufferings. We will not be exempted.

“But because of the grace of God we can face all of these and overcome them, through Christ who strengthens and who enabled us to move on.”

Andrei Cantilleps | WTF Devotionals | Untruth

Let us read, meditate and live out on His words so we will be enlighten on what is true and what is not, so our path will be illuminated with His truths.

Lord! Please guide me, shed some light on my path as I walk the dark corridors of life. With your Word, I will be able to see the road and run the race you have set before me. Amen. 

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