Read: Job 23:1-17

But he knoweth the way that I take: when he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold” –Job 23:10

Job has confidence that if only he knew how to find the Lord and go to where He is, that the Lord will hear him present his case. That the Lord would not rebuke him but will give him the liberty to complain and would take note of what he will say, that the righteous will be able to reason with God and he will be delivered.

Job may not know the ways of the Lord nor He knows how He works in his life but Job knows that the Lord knows everything he had done and that when he is done with His test, he will come out as gold (v.10). He knows that he had stayed on God’s path and was never swayed to turn aside (v.11) and he has stayed true to what the Lord commands, treasuring each word more than the actual food he eats (v.12).

 We may be facing difficult situation right now but it should not be the reason for us to be weak on our faith, neglect our prayer life and miss out on our meditations. Rather we should be more faithful, persevere and steadfast with what God had taught us. These things can either make us or break us, but as long as we remained in God, it will bring out the best from us. God has a way of preparing us for greater responsibility, bigger roles and wider influence, but He has to test us first, He has to make sure that when our time comes, we are ready.

 We must take comfort that God is in control and that He holds our destiny, so He will do whatever He had planned for us. We must not struggle and insist on our ways, we will only hurt ourselves and be frustrated. Complete surrender and submission to the will of God will enable us to freely embrace His wonderful and marvelous grace.

As we face each trials, hardships, and sufferings in our lives, we must remain faithful and be immovable and steadfast to our faith.

It will be hard, we may not be able to bear it, we may not be able to face it, and we may not be able to sustain it; but God is faithful to His promise, He will never leave us, nor forsake us. He will deliver us from all these. With His grace and provision we will be empowered to do all these things through Christ who strengthens us, so let us be steadfast in our faith.

Lord! On times that life is hard, help me to see your hand on it and help me to remain faithful to Your promised of comfort and joy. Amen.

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