Together, Prove Ourselves!

Have you ever experiencing proving yourself? In school, have you tried proving yourself? In family, have you tried proving yourself? In career, have you tried proven yourself? How about in love life, have you tried proving yourself?

I love hearing love stories. Lately, you can see a lot of wedding and grandiose proposal just to show to the whole world their love for each other. We heard about Chito Miranda and Neri’s proposal, we heard about the Youtube couple Jamichi where the girl proposed to his long time boyfriend, and we hear about the wedding of Jericho Rosales and his girlfriend Kim. All these tells us, that as a human being it is just but natural to prove something that we claim.

Today, we will be learning something of similar matter. We will learn that together, Paul and Timothy had taken for themselves the role of a servant in preaching the good news, that in his letters to the Philippian Believers, Paul had commended Timothy, on how they have similar desire, same passion, and above all, similar heart in serving God.  “Together, Prove Ourselves”.

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Official Representatives

Read: Acts 15: 22 – 35

“It seemed good to us, being assembled with one accord, to send chosen men to you with our beloved Barnabas and Paul” – v.25

Be Involved

Being involved in the mission ministry is not for the few good men alone. It is not limited to our pastors, to our elders, to our workers, to our teachers and to our volunteers. Each and every one of us should be informed and involved how we can be a part of the mission ministry.

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Five Simple Steps of Salvation

Man in general wants their life to be hard and complicated. Never ready to accept things that are simple and true. Most would rather believe in “Scientific” reasons and logic than to believe in the biblical “truths” that they claim to be heresy and stuff that makes fantasies and legends. They would rather believe that our existence comes from random evolution of molecules than having a creator who had intelligently created us into existence.

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